What Our Merchants Say


Over 15,000 businesses rely on MiCamp to securely process transactions, reduce their PCI scope, and help grow their business. And we’re excited to help businesses grow – because their success is our success.

SBE John Hong

Director of IT
SBE Entertainment Group

John Hong

Director of IT at SBE Entertainment Group

Throughout 2015, our IT and accounting teams began noticing a sharp increase in chargebacks from many of our nightlife and restaurant venues throughout the U.S. EMV was already a top initiative for SBE, but it was essential to bring in a team that could truly deliver an EMV-compliant architecture powered with a strong processing company.

After multiple meetings with our staff, it was clear that MiCamp Solutions was flexible and nimble enough to meet the needs of our fast-paced business. The EMV-compliant payment architecture that we continue to adopt corporate-wide is forward thinking and provides more security than any other solution we were presented with on the market. And the MiPoint integration with our MICROS F&B environment gives us a seamless solution that has been easy to adopt and customized to meet all of our needs.

This solution has substantially reduced chargebacks and continues to drive down our overall corporate PCI scope. MiCamp continues to be a trusted advisor through our continued growth and adoption of this new technology.

Tradewinds Capt. Bob Bijur

Engineering and Operations
Tradewinds Bar and Grill


Capt. Bob Bijur

Engineering and Operations at Tradewinds Bar and Grill

Our location is one of the first to attempt compliance with EMV credit card processing. The mall we operate out of is Bayside Marketplace. In conjunction with state and federal authorities, Miami was designated as “Ground Zero” for credit card fraud.

So in the fall of 2015, the mall announced that all merchants needed to become EMV compliant. At that time, I had already been in contact with MICROS and our other POS software providers. None of them had any information regarding when they would have an EMV-ready solution for deployment.

Through a vendor we’ve done business with, it was recommended we try MiCamp Solutions and their MiPoint product. MiPoint allowed real-time syncing with the legacy MICROS 3700 POS system running in our restaurant. We have been running the system for several weeks and the results are looking good! The MiCamp support team is very responsive, offering upgrades quickly.

We look forward to beginning to use MiCamp on our other POS systems.

Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck
Worldwide, Inc.

Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, Inc.

Having a company that can process our credit cards in a seamless and transparent fashion is great. In having MiCamp as our processing partner, we never have to worry.

Ryan Hibbert

Chief Executive Officer
Riot Hospitality Group

Ryan Hibbert

Chief Executive Officer at Riot Hospitality Group

Very few companies seemed to have the experience and expertise within the infomercial and Internet space that MiCamp provided. We truly became more educated with them as a partner.