Zero Percent Credit Card Processing


Processing fees, even for small credit card purchases, can add up quickly. With MiCamp’s WAVit solution, you’re able to process an unlimited amount of credit card transactions for one low monthly rate, accept all major credit cards, and increase your business’ profitability – all for a fraction of what you pay now.


Better For You. Better For Business.

When you enroll in WAVit, you enroll in a premier processing program that gives you unlimited credit card processing at a simple, flat monthly rate. With WAVit, you no longer pay processing fees for every transaction, so you’re able to keep more of the money your business brings in.

Savings With WAVit

Enter in your annual credit card sales below for an estimated cost savings.
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Your Annual Savings

Savings calculations are based on credit card sales with a 2.5% transaction fee, after the deduction of the monthly WAVit cost. This estimated calculation does not reflect the final or full amount of cost savings with WAVit.

One Low, Fixed Rate – No Surprises

With WAVit, you’re able to accept all major credit card brands like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. With the same low, fixed rate every month, WAVit eliminates the need to decode your monthly merchant statement and spend time negotiating the best rates for your business. So, you know what you pay for credit card processing each month – no surprises.

Simply Convenient. Conveniently Simple.

With the savings from WAVit, you have more capital to use as you’d like to – remodel your current store, open a new location, hire more staff, experiment with new product offerings or services, redesign your e-commerce website, and invest back into the company that you’ve worked so hard to build. Or reward yourself with a trip to the Caribbean – the possibilities are endless.