The Right Tool, At The Right Time

MiPoint Of Sale

Your business isn't one dimensional, so your point of sale shouldn't be either. We know you understand your business – MiPoint Of Sale will help you analyze the day's sales, digest the inventory data, and download actionable reports so you understand your business better than ever.

Simple And Beautiful, Versatile And Powerful

Payments Simplified

Whether your customers are paying via cash, credit, or gift card, you can accept payments, apply discounts, process refunds, and offer printed or emailed receipts.

Completely Customizable

From a brick-and-mortar restaurant to an e-commerce boutique, MiPoint Of Sale can be customized to your industry and offers the features and functionality you would expect from a full-fledged point of sale.

Robust Reports

MiPoint Of Sale allows you to access hour-by-hour sales, refunds, inventory, and sale trends. The best part? It's real-time data and accessible 24/7/365 – so now you're always in the know, day or night.