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MiCamp Explains How EMV Technology Improves Arizona Businesses On ABC Channel 15

September 28, 2016

MiCamp Solutions was recently featured in a segment on ABC channel 15 to discuss EMV technology and how it can protect local businesses from counterfeit card fraud and high chargeback costs.

In October 2015, the way banks and issuers handled specific types of fraud changed. Merchants may now be held financially liable for some chargebacks (“chargebacks” is used to describe a dispute between a cardholder and a business). Generally, “the party supporting the most secure technology for each fraud type will prevail in a chargeback; and in case of a technology tie, the fraud liability is expected to remain as it is today – with the issuer.” Merchants without EMV can be considered the “weak link” in the transaction process, meaning the liability for certain types of counterfeit fraud could rest with the merchant.

Click here to learn more about our EMV-certified payment solution, MiPoint.

Keywords: MiCamp Solutions, EMV, ABC Channel 15, fraud liability, liability shift, MiPoint, Arizona
Meta Description: MiCamp Solutions visited ABC Channel 15 to discuss EMV and how the liability shift will affect merchants.
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