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About MiCamp

About MiCamp Solutions

MiCamp Solutions is an elite payment technology company with a known reputation for integrity, competitiveness, and service. We pride ourselves in supporting our merchants’ needs and finding innovative solutions that maximize profit.

The idea behind MiCamp Solutions started in October 2006. Micah Kinsler owned a franchised business and was frustrated with the high fees he paid to process credit card transactions. After doing some research, Micah discovered that many merchant processing companies were taking advantage of the business owners they were supposed to help. With a desire to help other business owners, Micah leapt into the payments industry, looking to save money for as many businesses as he could, while helping those businesses grow.

In early 2008, MiCamp opened an office with just four employees. Through hard work, passion, and determination, MiCamp's portfolio was soon labeled the fastest growing portfolio on First Data's radar. Since then, MiCamp Solutions has grown into a company with over 150 employees around the country, has become a premier member of First Data's President’s Club, and is proud to be the trusted business partner of over 15,000 merchants across the United States.

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