Semi-Integrated Payment Solutions Are The Future Of Credit Card Processing

When deciding to choose an EMV payment solution, you need to decide between a fully integrated solution or a semi-integrated solution.

Semi-integrated payment solutions are now becoming the preferred payment method for merchants because of their advantages compared to a fully integrated solution. Now with the EMV rollout, it’s important that merchants make an educated decision about which type of payment solution fulfils their needs and protects their business against cyber crime.

“Developing a full integration can take more time, more money, and it is less secure.”

Below are a few advantages making semi-integrated payment solutions as the preferred choice for many merchants:

  • The ability to streamline the EMV process
  • Increase speed of in-store development and transactions
  • Reduce PCI standard security requirements
  • Easy ownership
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<h2>Core Advantages Of A Semi-Integrated EMV Payment Solution<h2/>

We know that semi-integrated solutions are becoming more popular but what exactly are their core advantages?

Below, you’ll find out why they are such an attractive option for many merchants and why are the future of credit card processing.

<h3Fewer certifications required<h3/>

Semi-integrated payment solutions do not require as many certifications making them more convenient for merchants. 

With a semi-integrated payment solution, all payment features and functions come fully tested and implemented with a payment processor. It’s literally ready to go and start accepting payments from card brands like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express immediately.

<h3>Easy to implement<h3/>

Semi-integrated solutions come ready to use immediately because you can literally plug the system in and it will be ready to go with minimal technical issues. Many merchants do not want to bother with the technical issues that can be involved with a fully integrated solution.

Often, a fully integrated solution can take months to implement so it’s an easy choice for many merchants to pick a semi-integrated solution.

<h3>Increased security against cyber crime<h3/>

Semi-integrated payment solutions come with highly advanced security features that prevent cyber crime such as end-to-end security and tokenization. This is a multi-layered security approach that’s not always available with fully integrated solutions.

It’s now important that merchants have payment systems that are PCI PIN compliant. One way they can do this is via a semi-integrated system because an accredited qualified security assessor can come in and certify the system.

<h3>Speed and efficiency<h3/>

With a fully integrated solution, you need to make sure that the system is certified to accept EMV and PCI payments. This can be a major hassle for merchants who don’t have the time and money.

However, semi-integrated solutions come pre-certified meaning they are already certified to accept EMV and PCI payments, which saves merchants a lot of time and money.

Waiting for certifications is not something that many smaller merchants can afford to do making semi-integrated solutions attractive compared to a fully integrated system.

<h2>Introducing MiCamp’s Semi-Integrated Payment Solution<h2/>

MiCamp has developed its own semi-integrated payment solution called MiPOINT that brings EMV compliance. It also reduces a merchants’ PCI scope meaning that any customers’ credit card data will not be stored on your payment system. This is ideal because it makes it less likely that your system will be targeted by cyber criminals.

MiPOINT integrates with many different payment software like Squirrel, MICROS, Dinerware, and more.

Learn about our Semi-Integration Payment Solution: MiPOINT

Now, you can accept payments without it affecting customer service. MiPOINT provides many different features and functions that make it easier for merchants to accept a variety of payments.

If you’re looking for a semi-integrated payment solution that brings EMV compliance and reduces your PCI compliance then you need MiPOINT.

<h4>To learn more about a MiPOINT integration your POS, get in touch with us today!<h4/>