Criminals Now Resorting To Using BlueTooth To Hack Consumers’ Credit Card Info At Gas Stations

Lately, there has been a new cyber crime trend developing and that is using Bluetooth to hack credit card info at gas stations. Just recently police in Dallas have issued warnings to people to be wary of this new cyber crime trend.

So far, reports state that there have been five Exxon stations in North Dallas that have been targeted. The tactic of the cyber criminals, in this case, is to target gas pumps that have been installed with Bluetooth-equipped skimming machines.

What makes this so tricky is that consumers cannot see the technology that is being used to hack credit card info because of the nature of Bluetooth. The cyber criminals simply install the Bluetooth skimming device on the gas pump. Then they only need their Bluetooth device to be able to then hack into credit card info used by consumers at that specific gas pump. They don’t even need to go back to the pump to retrieve the information.

 It is scary to consider cyber criminals are now becoming this advanced but what it shows is that consumers need to be vigilant. In this specific example of cyber crime, police have recommended people pay inside to be safe. 

In general, consumers always need to be aware now of the world we live in and merchants also need to ensure that on their end, protection is secured. ATM’s and all payment systems must be up to date and equipped with the latest payment security technology to ward off cyber crime. 

The only way that consumers and merchants can really win this battle against the cyber criminals is with a concerted effort.

We know that tackling cyber crime can seem overwhelming for many merchants. Merchants need to make sure that they are protected against cyber crime by implementing the latest and up to date secure payment technologies. These include the latest security measures that can prevent criminals using bluetooth to hack credit card info.

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