New Report Shows Data Breaches Rise 15% In 2016

Data Breach Report

There was an alarming report released by the Identity Theft Research Center that shows that data breaches have increased by 15% to date for 2016 from last year.

This report highlights how the problem of data breaches is one that won’t go away and all organizations need to take cyber security seriously.

As it stands, there still seems to be an almost lazy attitude toward cyber security by many organizations and they just aren’t taking the necessary precautions to prevent data breaches. Whenever a data breach occurs, it doesn’t just affect that specific organization, it affects the people whose information has been hacked.

For example, there was a data breach to hit the Office of Personnel Management in 2014  and 2015 that resulted in more than 22 million records being stolen. These stolen records included personal information about government employees, security background check information, and fingerprint data.

What is more damning about this specific breach is that a report by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform found that cyber security was severely lacking by the OPM. It was this lack of security and multi-factor authentication that made it easy for cyber criminals to hack into the system and steal these records.

The Office of Personnel Management is not the only big victim either. In fact, here is a damning list of companies that were affected by a data breach in the last 12 months.

University of Florida

They experienced a data breach in February, 2016. Cyber criminals hacked into the university’s database accessing 63,000 records of current and former students, and staff and faculty members. They were able to obtain names, student/employee ID numbers, and Social Security numbers.


Cyber criminals targeted Snapchat employees using a phishing email scam whereby they sent emails posing as Snapchat chief executive Evan Spiegel. Over 700 employees had their names, wages/payroll data and Social Security numbers stolen.


We’ve written about the Wendy’s data breach before. Over 300 of their stores were breached by cyber hackers in addition to 5,500 franchised stores across North America. It’s believed that large amounts of customer credit card data was stolen during the breach.

Newkirk Products

Newkirk Products was affected in August 2016 when over 3 million records were accessed by cyber criminals. It’s believed the hackers were able to obtain members’ names, addresses, dates of birth, and even details about health insurance plans.


Ironically, a company that specialises in POS systems, Oracle who own MICROS, became victims of a data breach. It’s believed that a Russian cyber crime gang infected the company’s server with malware that was able to breach the MICROS customer support portal allowing them to steal usernames and passwords. However, it’s also suspected the same hackers planted malware on many of the company’s MICROS POS systems used around the entire country.


Cyber hackers were able to access 43 million records after a data breach that occurred in February. It’s believed that hackers were able to obtain information like usernames, passwords, email addresses and IP information.

Click here to see a more complete list of major data breaches that have affected big companies.

What these data breaches serve to emphasize is how important multi-layered security is for any organization or business. It shows that no matter who you are, you are vulnerable to cyber crime if the necessary security procedures and processes are not implemented.

This is something we have been well-aware of here at MiCamp and continue to preach to businesses and organizations about how important this is. Without a multi-layered approach to cyber security, your business and your customers will remain exposed.

And with the EMV liability shift, more burden will now be placed on businesses that don’t take cyber security seriously. Secure your business today and make it hard for crooks to steal information from your business.

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